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Family Guy is one of the best animated sitcoms that is running today. It has
been aired on television since 1998 and is popular among a variety of people,
from children to the elderly. It appeals to such a broad audience due to its wide
variety of comedy genres ranging from slapstick to satire as well as its comedic
references to current affairs and celebrity media. The show was created by
Seth McFarlane and is based in the town Quahog in Rhode Island, America. The
show is centred around the Griffins, particularly the antics of Peter Griffin, an
overweight alcoholic father. The show draws on the dysfunction Peter and his
family, using satirical humour to highlight the flaws in the ‘typical American
family’. This show is deemed as controversial by a lot of people, often because
it highlights possible flaws in there own behaviour. For this reason, family guy
is often declared as unwatchable to a lot of controlling families, especially those
who see themselves and there behaviours echoed in the show.

Although Family Guy is disliked by many it has also managed to gather a wide
fan base with worldwide recognition. It is especially popular in countries such
as china, japan and Thailand as well as most countries in Eastern Europe. This
is because of the fascination with American Culture and is acknowledged on
the same level as the A team in these countries. It is less commonly known
however than in many countries there is an annual Family Guy celebration in
which Families dress as there beloved characters. The father of the household
would dress as Peter Griffin, wearing glasses, green trousers and a white shirt,
The Mother would dress as Lois Griffin, Peter’s Wife, and would typically spray
or dye their hair red for the celebrations. The children in the family would wear
the appropriate clothing to fit with the three children of the Griffin Family, Meg
(the oldest) and her siblings Chris and Stewie. Pets would also be involved in the
celebrations and are dressed as Brian, the Griffins beloved dog. This pet outfit
often included the animal in question being sprayed white and brandishing a
bottle of whisky or other alcoholic beverage. During the Celebrations people
would watch back-to-back episodes of Family Guy, often quoting their favourite
bits. After the family guy omnibus the festivities would continue with people
gathering in the street and doing games such as the 3 legged race and spoon and
egg race. The winners would be announced at the end of the celebration and
given the ‘Griffin of the Year’ cup, which are allowed to keep till next year.

Because of the wide success of Family Guy festivals and the sheer revenue
that is generated over the 3 day period, Charities such as ‘FamilyGuys’
and ‘FreedomQuaghog’ have been created helping people with problems that
have been brought up in the Popular show such as alcoholism and child abuse.

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